What is your dream?

We can help you realize it.


Do you have a dream? Whether you want to develop your skills, record an album, or take advantage of our events, our team of experts and state of the art studio are here for you. 



Our new recording studio is open and ready to get you stellar results on your next project! Call, or stop by for a tour, and ask about our complete turnkey production packages.

The human voice is the most marvelous and compelling musical instrument in the world. If you've dreamed of the joy and delight of singing, but didn't know what steps to take, give us a call, because your inspired dream is about to come true. Elliott Vocal Studios will help you free the singer within you! Lessons available in person, or online via Skype.

If you're interested in something more tangible, our expert instructors can help you learn the guitar, bass guitar, banjo, piano, or saxophone.



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